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This is the answer to many questions about life, not just about finances. Afterall, finances are where we place our real values inspite of what we may claim. Is this not so?

The physicists describe the world as a dance of electric particles. The World is dancing, but are you dancing with it> You must learn to place your finances into the care and keeping of the Light, the electric dance that is the real power of life.
I'll explain this more as we move along for it is the Secret you must learn to "have it all!" as they say.

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: I grew up playing the Piano & Trumpet and came to understand the harmony we all are. I will teach you this as we move along>
Favorite TV show: Have you ever watched "I Love Lucy"? Ask yourself why is it still on television because it will provide insight into your own life.
Favorite movie: What then are your three favorite movies and tell me when we meet. You will learn so much with this little exercise.
Favorite book: Your favorite books, foods, activities. Please think on these things for they are vital to who you are and who will become and have mastery over.
Favorite sports team: We will confer!

My Hobbies

If you need to connect with me before we meet, please e-mail me and I shall come to know you and make contact with you in ways you will later learn

Most Admired

Now prepare to tell me your heroes, those you simply admire and I will reveal the truth about you herein.

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Want to get in touch? You can send me e-mail at:


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